Barbara - Benchmark WOD, Partner Up or Solo


5 rounds for time - 3 minutes rest between rounds

20 - pull-ups
30 - push-ups
40 - sit-ups
50 -squats




Five rounds for time of:
50 Double unders
35 Knees to elbows
185 pound Overhead walk, 20 yards

"Fight Gone Bad"


3 rounds, 1minute at each station

wall ball @ 14/20
sumo deadlift hi pull 55/75#
box jump
push press 55/75#
row (calories)

1 minute rest between rounds

Clean, Bench Press, Overhead Squat


Warm up:
banded distraction
200m run
10 air squats
X 2

Technique & practice each modality

A. "The Other Total"

1 rep max clean 1-1-1
1 rep max bench press 1-1-1
1 rep max overhead squat 1-1-1

Back Squat, Row, Front Squat, TTB, PJ, MU


A. Back Squat, 10 minute EMOM, climbing

B. For time:
50 - calorie row
40 - front squat, 95/135#
30 - Toes 2 bar
20 - Push Jerks 95/135#
10 - Muscle ups, pullups, ring row/box dips

Complex, Lower Body, Upper Body, Core


A. Warm up:
5 minute kettlebell complex
5 - scap retracts + :20 brachial hang

B. 3 Rounds of:
Kb Mini Leg Blaster

C. 3 Rounds of:
5 - Clean & Push Press, R/L (heavy but doable)
5 - Renegade Rows w/pushups or (Metronome) Pushups 4-2-4, advanced athletes
5 - Negative Chin Ups

D. Core

Coach Shawna gone....


There will be a kettlebell workout on the board for those who want to do kettlebell and have done this class before for awhile; however, coach is gone today. Sorry!

3 Rounds for Total Reps:

1 Minute KB Deadlifts

1 Minute Renegade Rows w/pushup

1 Minute KB Sumo DL High Pull (32/24)

1 Minute Goblet Squats

1 Minute Rest

KB Complex


10 Minute Kettlebell Complex

Warm Up:
Dynamic Mobility

One minute each doing the following exercises. Don’t put kettlebell down during entire time. Men use 16kg, Women, 8 kg.

1-Arm Swing left hand
1-Arm clean and press left hand
Lunge (hold KB in right hand. lunge forward and back with left leg)
Figure 8 to stand

swing transfer

1-Arm Swing right hand
1-Arm clean and press right hand
Lunge (hold KB in right hand. lunge forward and back with left leg)
Figure 8 to stand

Kettlebell Gauntlet


1 - Prowler Push
30 - H2H Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
25 - Goblet Squats
20 - Kb Clean & Push Press, 10R/10L
15 - Jumping Ball Slams (20/15lb)
10 - Renegade Rows
5 - Burpee Pick Ups

B. Half Tabata of:
Mega Plank
Locust mini-vini

What a Spectacular Day for double kettlebell work.....


A. Kb flow warm up complex

B. 20 minute amrap of:
10 - Suitcase Deadlifts
100M Farmers Carry
10 - Mr. Spectaculars
10 - Alternating reverse lunges
10 - Janda Sit Ups

Spring Session


Our next YouthFit session starts March 8th! Please sign your young athletes up at front desk.



Our next Meridian Youthfit 6-week cycle starts November 3rd. Send us an email signing your children up for this session.

Meridian Youthfit


We just finished up a 6-week cycle with our young Youthfit athletes!!! We will start the 2nd cycle in a few weeks...........



Bring your yoga mat, blocks, balls and water!

Hip Immersion


This is a class you do not want to miss! Bring yoga mat, blocks and balls!!!!

Due to Weigh Ins for Weight Loss Challenge....


Class cancelled today! SORRY, BACK ON TRACK NEXT WEEK!

Time to Get Core-ganized!!!


It's all about the core today. You will need your yoga mat, yoga block and therapy balls. This class is limited to 20 people. We will be providing physio and core balls for this class.