CFM Christmas WOD and Party!
This Saturday at 9AM.

1. Christmas WOD and Music -
We will be running a partner workout, so grab a buddy or we will partner you up
Get into the spirit of the season and the workout with Christmas music! Okay, maybe not what just came to your mind kind of Christmas music.
While your putting your heart and hard effort into the WOD we need music with rhythm that get’s you into the right mood.

2. Costumes, baby!
Every good party requires a twist – so why not attend your Christmas WOD dressed in season-themed costumes? The costumes don’t necessarily need to be fancy – a little makeup and a santa-hat or elf ears will do the trick. Be creative! We will have a costume contest.

3. Christmas WOD Party? Piece of cake!
Every good party also needs food, right? So let's bring some christmas (and also crossfit) themed food to the Christmas WOD Party? Things like kettebell-shaped-cookies (you can even buy cookie-cutters for that) or other yummy baked goods in Crossfit forms will work, but also savory foods like meatballs formed like dumbells can do the trick. Well maybe that's a bit much but you get the idea, right?? There will be lots of treats so lets think healthy foods, also!
Starbucks will be in the house and bottled water, but if you are looking for some spiced mulled wine or seasonal spirits, please share with the rest of us!

4. Sock Stuffed Exchange!
Grab a pair of Crossfit socks, regular socks, fun socks, any kind of sock sock. Stuff the pair with fun, inexpensive little treats and bring with you. Bring a pair of socks for every person in your family who will be attending and partaking in our gift exchange.

5. Child Care!
Parents, we are working on having someone be in the kids area with your littles so you can enjoy your workout and have no worries.
Here's to celebrating the season together with our CFM family!!