Kettlebells 4 Kids + "Luke" Lift Up Autism


This Saturday, September 23rd, we will be hosting Kettlebells4kids and Lift Up Autism, to help build community awareness and compassion to the homeless children in our area and the families and children with Autism.

We are asking everyone who will be joining us this Saturday to please donate to the Women Children's Alliance wish list or Autism Tree Project Foundation. The link below shows the wish list of items that is needed to help out those children in need. We will have a bin for items brought in off wish list and a cash donations box to be split towards the WCA and ATPF.

Even if you will not be joining us Saturday, we still ask that you please donate during the week. Let's help those in need in our community and be thankful that we have the means to do so.

Link info on K4K and ATPF: