It Is Mobility That Proudly Defines How Well You Age


Mobility becomes the focal point when you get older....Now that you read that, keep reading. This is not an article for old people.

Do you feel old? Joints hurt? muscle soreness? snap, crackle, pop, when you stand up? Takes a while to stand up and get the joints/body straightened up and moving? Can't touch your toes without rounding in your upper back or bend your knees?

Have you heard of Collagen supplementation? If you are not taking one, you should!!

Are you concerned about your connective tissue or just about how much you can deadlift? Can't touch my toes but I pulled 450# on my deadlift.

Are you doing everything possible to maintain your mobility? Yoga, Pilates? Because it is mobility that proudly defines how well you age.

What is Mobility? It's not just a class you take. It means are you strong enough to take the joints thru full range of motion, with correct form.
Example - Pistol Squats

Most people struggle to do a pistol in which they take their ankles, knees, hips and spine through full range of motion and in good form. They can do a pistol, but their extended leg tracks out to the side and it is bent. The leg you are squatting on the arches collapse, knee is caved in or pushed way out or on their toes versus flat foot and weight distributed throughout the foot. Now, can you stand back up. Do you have the strength in the bottom of this range of motion to stand back up without a counter weight.

Adding strength on top of poor mobility is adding strength on top of dysfunction. Eventually something is going to pay the price for this and it is usually your connective tissue.

Running a marathon is not being more mobile. You are being mobile but you are limiting your mobility thru a very narrow range of motion. Yoga and pilates are a movement practice that will enhance your range of motion to cause the body to want to maintain every possible system as long as possible. The body wants to atrophy and as you get older, thats that whole atrophy, lack of mobility thing. Once you get older and stop moving much the body goes, "this is awesome, we get to shut down". Did you know that you start losing brain mass at around 20. You wouldn't consider that very old would you? The body is a vessel to carry the genetic material so you can have progeny. Old adage, "Don't use it, lose it". True story. Crossfit is a great movement practice, but are you taking your connective tissue through full range of motion while you squat. Probably not! We love weight lifting shoes, why? They have a heel and makes us squat deeper and heavier. Take your shoes off and your squat alters significantly if your ankles don't move. See someone squat poorly? Put bumper plates under their feet and it's magic.

If you are immobile, it's a slippery slope and you go down hill quickly. The more mobile you are the more muscle mass you maintain, the more pliability and strength you can can maintain in your connective tissue, metabolic flexibility.

Strength and mobility go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other.